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Child Support Laws Updated

The State updated the child support guidelines in May of 2008.  You may see an increase of 2 to 5% the next time your child support is adjusted.  See more info in the December 2008 Blog and in the CS Calculators Section



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Income for New Mexico Child Support - Overview

Page One of this "Income Section" relates to the Child Support Statutes in place and also a parent's obligation to maximize their income for the benefit of the child(ren). Page Two examines some of the issues concerning the income a self employed individual or small business owner. This page also has information about a person's income when they are obligated to support other children. Page Three addresses how a person actually calculates their income from tax returns, paystubs and the like. It also discusses the sometimes, de-facto guaranteeing of an individual's income in a child support situation. Page Four addresses some miscellaneous income rulings of the New Mexico Courts.

  • Overview
  • Page One - Child Support Statutes and Full-Employment
  • Page Two - Self Employed Individuals and Deductions From Income
  • Page Three - Calculating Income and Guaranteeing Income
  • Page Four - Miscellaneous Income Rulings