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Child Support Laws Updated

The State updated the child support guidelines in May of 2008.  You may see an increase of 2 to 5% the next time your child support is adjusted.  See more info in the December 2008 Blog and in the CS Calculators Section



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New Mexico Child Support Calculators

Use these child support calculators at your own risk. In the last year or two many of the online calculators have been removed by the bigger divorce websites. I suspect someone, somewhere has been sued for having a bad calculator. If you are going to truly understand how your child support is calculated, you need to do it by hand. The guidelines were updated in May of 2008 and there really isn't a good one-stop spot for the information to do it by hand.  You can get the worksheets here (Worksheet A or Worksheet B) and the new "basic support" amounts are available in the passed bill itself (HB 412), which unfortunately is kind a big file (1.5 mb).

I am guessing that almost no one who comes here does calculate the child support by hand, so here is the only calculator online right now that I know of which is doing it correctly.  The State Judiciary has a calculator that will actually calculate your child support, create a form suitable for attaching to your Pleadings and automatically prepares Worksheet A or Worksheet B for you. Without even smirking, I am able to say, "your tax dollars at work." It is available here.

The information at the state Child Support Enforcement Division website is, as of November 29, 2008, still the old statute.